A superb digest though almost indigestible. Thank you, Jessica, for your stamina, reporting and analysis.

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I get so enraged reading Jessica's reporting that today I almost stuffed a whole box of Wheat Thins down my throat. But here's what I just will not stop screaming about: Republicans moving the goalposts and Democrats playing defense. This is how we decided to call our movement "pro-choice"—defensively against the "pro-life" mantra plastered everywhere by the anti-abortion/anti-woman minority.

Can we stop this insanity already? STOP USING "PRO-CHOICE." Period. Just stop. It doesn't work, it never worked and, most importantly, it does not describe what our movement is about. WE'RE "PRO-WOMAN/PRO-ABORTION RIGHTS."

ARE THESE CAPS COMMUNICATING MY RAGE? BECAUSE I'M SCREAMING. Please tell me I'm not screaming into the void.

You say "pro-woman/pro-abortion rights" isn't catchy, is too long, too much of a mouthful? Well, get over it. WE have to define the moral high ground, take it, plant the fucking flag...and that flag says "Pro-Woman/Pro-Abortion Rights."

About me: 69 years old, lifelong feminist, M.A. Feminist Therapy, focused on abortion rights for the last 15 years. Widow. Stepmother. Grandma. Cat mom. Local in-your-face feminist, equal opportunity insulter, Crone of Anarchy...

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Operation Fire & Brimstone update: Kevan and New Hope Christian Fellowship appear to have parted ways. A few weeks ago, one of the members of the host congregation (not one of Kevan’s flock) attacked one of our protesters, tearing the sign from his hands and leading to a pushing and shoving match and the police being called. We suspect Kevan took his people elsewhere or at least changed his start time, since there was no sign of them last Sunday either at their usual start time or in the evening.

With this apparent success under our belts, today we moved on to Phase II - Clifton Boje. Cliffy’s just coming off a six month restraining order barring him from Planned Parenthood after my sister successfully charged him with assault and battery when he foolishly pushed her one morning. He’s been back with a vengeance the last few weeks so our intel people tracked him to the church where he’s the musical director and we paid him a visit this morning.

It was glorious. We caught them completely off guard and let them have it. After yesterday morning’s fiasco at Planned Parenthood where we were grossly outnumbered, it was nice to end the weekend on a high note. The first video shows me and my sister holding the line against ~40-50 nutjobs, and another 20 or so arrived shortly afterwards. We were really happy when another Defender finally showed up an hour later, bolstering our numbers to three vs. sixty or so of them.

Second video is this morning’s action. Needless to say, they were NOT happy about us being there. As usual, we made it clear that as soon as Cliffy stops harassing patients at Planned Parenthood, we’re gone, never to darken their doors again.



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The idea is to valorize women who die so their fetus can live—because Republicans know that post-Roe maternal death rates are going to skyrocket, and they want to make that as palatable as possible. Pretty fucking dark.

Very,very fucking dark. Just awful.

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Sep 17·edited Sep 17

I appreciate very much the work you do. But why do major networks and their shows give trump a platform to lie outrageous lies like he did on MTP today (about abortions, Democrats, and everything else)? The only way to counter him is to not give him a stage, instead shun him, call out his insane lies. We are in a crisis as a country and when will these media mfers learn to adapt and fight for what is true and what is right? Media which made Al Gore sighing in a debate a problem, don't know how to deal with this criminal?

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