Please remind your readers that the Virginia elections in November are CRITICAL for abortion rights in the South. I’m not seeing enough attention paid to them and it scares me. Republicans in Virginia are two state Senate seats away from being able to pass an abortion ban. If that happens, we lose all abortion rights in the South--not to mention that Glenn Youngkin will then feel empowered to run for president. if anyone has any bandwidth to volunteer or donate to help, I’ve put together a resource document with every opportunity I know of. please sign up to write postcards or send letters or make a donation or do some phonebanking. We must win Virginia. https://tinyurl.com/SOSinVA

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I'm concerned that those "reasonable" Republicans like Russ Andrews will, if elected, change their views suddenly and view pro-life. Hopefully, he serves to weaken boebert and make it easier to turn the seat blue.

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I am so glad, Jessica, that you put your energy toward researching and writing this column nearly every day. Sadly, instead of angering me or motivating me, it just makes me cry. Perhaps I’m crying from anger. I know it’s not easy for you, but please keep it up as long as you’re able to.

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"The latest in this tactic comes from NBC News, which reports that Republican strategists are trying to find a new term to replace ‘pro-life’. . ."

How about pro-forced birth, pro-misogyny, or just plain anti-woman.

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I have some ideas for republicans new labeling strategy: the ANTI- prefix. Because they are:




ANTI-helping people

ANTI-problem solving

ANTI-anything that doesn’t help billionaire donors and fortune 100 companies

ANTI-environmental protections

ANTI-learning from other cultures

ANTI-skin color that is not white

ANTI-women and children

Do I need to go on?

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I'm skeptical of the reasoning behind Mexico's pro-choice behavior as it is a country with a long history of ignoring women and ignoring murdered women. is there a hidden agenda here? i doubt there is a medical/legal structure to support women's health choices.

how will this play out?

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We all know what's coming in Florida, as despicable and dehumanizing as it will be. So, with that said, I want the decision to come down as close to the 2024 election as is possible. Let those with really short memories be reminded AGAIN about what the Republicans are doing.

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"Muniz also called Roe v Wade “an abomination” and said to White, “you’re asking us to essentially take a whole class of human beings and put them outside of the protection of the law.”"

What extraordinary hypocrisy.

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