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Abortion, Every Day (7.5.22)

People are being denied miscarriage meds, Covid prescriptions—even condoms

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Jessica Valenti
Daily audio updates & commentary on abortion in the United States.
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Here’s the third installment (I don’t know that I can really call them episodes) of Abortion, Every Day. Lots of ranting in this one, and some pretty horrifying stories.

I’m talking about the various ways that people across the country are being denied care—some of which have absolutely nothing to do with abortion—and how it’s becoming very clear, as Adam Serwer wrote back in 2018, that the cruelty is the point.

Links mentioned:

BeccaLizz on being denied her Lupus meds, FemiYahtzee on being unable to get a prescription for her long Covid, and Nate on a cashier refusing to sell his wife condoms.

Here’s the Reddit post from a Missouri woman who was refused medication to help her complete her miscarriage, and here’s Chloe’s story on Instagram.

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