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Welcome! All in Her Head is a place for feminist commentary and community: I publish a weekly column, open threads where we can chat, interviews, recipes, recommendations and more.

About Jessica

I’ve been writing about women and politics for over 15 years (whew): I’ve published seven books, founded one of the first feminist blogs, had columns at places like The Guardian and The Nation and written for publications from The New York Times to The Toast. I’ve hosted a miniseries for Eater, created a documentary about purity culture, given speeches, taught classes and generally worked myself silly. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, daughter and two dogs, and I am really hoping you’re going to love it here.   

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Because you’re not imagining it. In all the time I’ve been writing about feminism, one of the constants is how women are told that misogyny—be it systemic or everyday—is in our heads. That we’re overreacting, or too sensitive, or—one of my personal favorites—just looking to be offended. I’ve always written columns and books that I hoped would help give people the language they needed to describe feelings and beliefs they already had but couldn’t necessarily articulate. 

I write because I want women to feel like they can trust themselves, so that they don’t feel alone, and so they feel armed to navigate this fucked up world (and maybe convince some other folks about feminism along the way).

Because we can have an actual conversation: Do you miss talking to other feminists online without the constant hum of assholes in the background? ME TOO. I’m tired of trying to have a conversation on social media just to be derailed or drowned out by sexists. 

I’d like this space to be somewhere we can actually talk—that’s why I’ll have regular dedicated “Ask Me Anything” threads where you can ask me about feminism, culture, politics, cooking—or just shoot the shit. (I’ll be around in comments generally, too—but I want specific threads set aside so that if you want to talk to me, I’m there.)

You can also chat with and meet people who care about the same issues and ideas you do—and maybe give you some new things to think about in the process. It’s like the days of blogging all over again, but without the random misogynists in comments! 

Because you’re not an asshole: Being challenged and stretching our thinking is terrific, and I hope lots of it happens here. But I’m very much over cancel culture complaints and the notion that being held accountable for saying or doing terrible things is censorious. There’s a big difference between engaged disagreement that pushes us to think harder and casual bigotry dressed up as a free speech issue. There are no ‘two sides’ to trans rights or rape culture, no ‘debate’ about Black people’s right to live free from state violence. Bullshit will not be tolerated here.

Because a feminist community is about more than politics: If you liked my old Eat Me newsletter, you’ll love All In Her Head - the newsletter will host my columns & political content, but I’ll still post recipes, food obsessions, threads about movies, books and more. 

Because you want to support independent, feminist journalism: Maybe you’ve been following me since the days of Feministing (RIP), maybe you’ve read Sex Object or like my tweets. No matter how you found me, I’m glad you’re here and appreciate the support. I’ve had homes at traditional publications for the better part of a decade, so this is new—and exciting and scary!—for me. 

I’m not making this move because of some belief that I don’t need editing or that I’m being held back at the places that have been kind enough to carry my work. I absolutely believe in the power of editors and will be using one! But I also want to be able to bring my writing directly to you, and in the same way I did when I started a blog in 2004—I want to make a bet on myself, and the idea that people want to support feminist writing. 

Note: I know the last few years in particular has been financially difficult for lots of folks: If you want a paid subscription but can’t swing the $5 a month, let me know and we’ll work something out. 

For those who can afford an additional subscription, you can donate a subscription to someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it, or gift a subscription to a feminist in your life through the button below. Thank you!

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Jessica Valenti
Feminist writer, NYC native. 7 books, 1 kid, 2 dogs & a lot of opinions.